Trees in pots gathered to give out

For more than a decade, UniSource Energy Services has encouraged the planting of shade trees as a cool way to reduce energy use and preserve the environment.

Through UniSource’s 给你的树 程序, electric customers can receive rebates for the purchase of two qualified desert-adapted trees. The rebates are given in the form of a credit on your electric bill, up to $15 for each five-gallon or larger tree.

Depending on availability, customers can choose from a wide range of trees including Arizona ash and cypress, 瓶子树, catclaw, several species of acacia, fern of the desert and southern live oak. 参观 给你的树 webpage to view a list of qualified shade trees.

UniSource also gives away free trees at several home shows and community events throughout the year.

The 程序 is extremely popular with customers, who like the idea of saving energy and preserving the environment in a natural, 可持续的方式. Trees provide habitat for wildlife, help control erosion and storm runoff, absorb heat and clean the air by releasing oxygen.

“Our shade tree 程序 has been so successful because our customers like beautifying their property and reducing energy costs by shading their homes in the summer,” said Michelle Dunn, 给你的树 Program Manager. “The rebates UniSource offers also offsets the cost of improving their landscaping – which increases property value – and they’re doing something sustainable.”

Since the 给你的树 程序 began in 2008, UniSource has contributed to the planting of almost 6,700棵树.

To maximize energy savings, trees should be planted within 15 feet of the south, east or west sides of your home or building. The best times to plant trees to encourage root development are early spring and late fall.

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