Gas Employees Working Near Your Home or 业务

UniSource gas employees work in your neighborhood throughout the year to continue providing safe and reliable service.

关于 80 percent of all gas meters are located on customer property. Recurring safety inspections and routine 维护 performed by our employees require access to the natural gas meter and underground piping on your property. Our employees must be able to safely reach this equipment to properly assesses its condition and perform work.

Identifying UniSource employees

We value the safety of our customers and our employees. How can you identify UniSource gas employees working near your home or business?

  • Look for the UniSource logo on the employee’s clothing, safety equipment and vehicle.
  • Ask to see the employee’s identification. All employees are required to show their ID badge when asked.
  • Call UniSource directly to verify the employee’s identity and reason for work in the area. Our number is 877-837-4968 – the same number listed on your monthly natural gas bill.

For more information about spotting scammers who might try to impersonate UniSource employees, 访问我们的 诈骗防范页面.


UniSource gas field employees might need to access your property while performing several duties that can occur at any time. 这些包括:

  • Reading meters and checking meter accuracy.
  • Performing scheduled and emergency leak investigations with special equipment, and performing leak repairs.
  • Verifying company and customer gas system pressure.
  • Inspecting meters and piping for signs of corrosion. Meters and piping are painted to protect from corrosion.
  • Locating underground gas facilities in response to requests from the Arizona 811 center. 在某些情况下, we might need to attach locating equipment to your gas meter in order to find a nearby buried gas line.
  • Exchanging natural gas meters.
  • Replacing faulty equipment.
  • Performing tests to verify natural gas is adequately odorized. Natural gas naturally has no odor, so a sulfur-like odor similar to rotten eggs is added to the natural gas supply.

Click here to learn more about UniSource’s rules and regulations for gas 操作s.

UniSource gas also maintains a Damage 预防 Program in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Through education and awareness, this program helps to prevent damage to our pipelines and facilities from excavation work such as digging, 挖沟, 爆破, 无聊的, 隧道, backfilling and other digging activities. Customers are encouraged to call 811 so that local utilities including UniSource can locate underground facilities at no cost.


Natural gas meters are installed in a variety of locations – at the edge of a customers’ property, 在建筑物的侧面, 在大街小巷, and inside fences or backyards.

To help ensure safe and reliable service, please make sure that your meter is free of obstructions and accessible to our employees.

杂草丛生的植物, new structures or debris can make meters and piping hard to find for our employees. Please refer to Section G of UniSource Gas Rules and Regulations,其中说:

  • The Customer is responsible for providing safe access to Company facilities. The Company’s authorized agents will have satisfactory unassisted twenty-four (24) hour a day, seven (7) days a week access to the Company’s equipment located on Customer’s premise for the purpose of service connection, 服务断开, 操作, 维护, repair and service restoration work that the Company may need to perform.


Natural Gas Service for Arizona

客户: 163,000
服务县: 6
气体的员工: 175

  • 大约1400平方英里
  • 31 miles of transmission mains
  • 4,200 miles of distribution piping